Let’s admit, you are here looking for a solution of a problem. Otherwise you would be doing something else, more valuable perhaps. I can help you if your problem is one of the three things:



I work as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy practitioner with my clients by helping them solve emotional and mental problems. My first field of expertise is childhood trauma and family relationships including couples counselling. The other part of my work is leadership and work-related issues, self-esteem, psychological resilience.



Individual or group coaching for leaders and teams helps to increase productivity, creativity, lessen team dynamics friction as well as better understanding of won or team’s capabilities and limitations. In today’s everchanging and hypercompetitive environment even one percent of improvement can be the gamechanger.

Lecturing - training

Lecturing / training

Knowledge alone is not a solution, but without it we could not fly a rocket. Skills are the other booster to that rocket. I work as a lecturer / workshop trainer in areas of soft skills, emotional intelligence, psychological resilience to help organizations or individuals boost these skills or acquire knowledge related to behavior, emotions and psychology in general.

If I can help you with one of these three, contact me!

I speak Lithuanian, English and Russian.

If not… I hope you’ll find an answer somewhere else 🙂