Julius Tilvikas
Julius Tilvikas

My task is to help people open their maximum potential and integrity thereof increasing their productivity, avoiding burnout, lessen chances of depression or anxiety during peak performance times. Our joint efforts also would allow to enjoy life more, worry less have more meaning every day. I am CBT practitioner and coach with more than 8 years of experience, willing to help through psychotherapeutic or coaching approach for solving personal or work-related issues.

As a lecturer/consultant I work with individuals or teams by focusing our joint effort on sales, marketing and HR areas. 15+ years of experience.

I do not believe that we have an unlimited potential as a human being. Our potential and abilities are limited thus thinking the other way would be living in a dreamland of illusions. Yet by acknowledging, accepting and understanding these limitations we can work towards overcoming them. Then we can use them as stepping stones towards goals by implementing systematic habits, routines and understanding selves better. 

Linterested working with me – give me a call or email me:

+371 2 5678078

julius [at] tilvikas.eu

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